Lumen is almost like a strategic partner for my teeth. I am a very long-term client of Lumen, so I have seen and experienced all of its stages of development. Over the last few years, on several occasions, instead of just letting them “repair” my tooth or place a new filling, I have consciously decided in favour of a more dramatic and definitely a more beautiful solution – full dental crowns.

The first time was a little bit scary – how can I let them shave down my tooth, it is my tooth after all. However, this feeling will be gone as soon as you leave with a new and much more beautiful tooth. In a way, especially for ladies, it is similar to the decision to dye your hair – a natural tone is natural, but does it outweigh looking more attractive and feeling better about yourself? I don’t think so.

In addition, the fact that everything is done in one day is very convenient. Last time I scheduled an appointment early in the morning, then I went shopping and when I came back my new tooth was ready.

I also have to say that whenever I go there, I already feel at home and I know that every time I will get the best possible solution for me because they thoroughly discuss every option with me, explain the whole procedure in detail, including all the possible complications that may arise and the outlook. There I feel like I am more than just another patient whose problems need to be solved quickly, instead they involve me in the decisions that will continue to affect my health. That feels good.