Dental hygienist training

This weekend (9–10 September 2017) was a busy weekend full of learning at our clinic.
Josie, a dental hygienist from Finland, visited our clinic and taught us new manual techniques and introduced the instruments and materials that are essential in the work of a dental hygienist.

It was an exciting and educational weekend.

Oral hygiene plays an important role in the prevention of dental diseases. If plaque and calculus are removed from teeth and periodontal pockets on a regular basis, then the bacteria that cause dental diseases do not have a good surface to adhere and cause damage to.

A dental hygienist is someone who deals with oral hygiene problems. Additionally, the dental hygienist teaches people how to properly brush, floss and rinse their teeth – how to take care of the teeth in a way that ensures their health for a long time.

We are ready to start providing the services of a dental hygienist.

Pictured: our small team – dental hygienist Josie, dental hygiene nurse Kairit and manager of the clinic Dr. Merike Immato

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