Dental care for children

In our clinic, EHIF pays for the dental care of children under the age of 19.

As of 1 January 2016, the visiting fee for a EHIF-covered service with a medical specialist is 5 euros which is paid by the patient.

If the patient terminates a contract for the provision of health services less than 24 hours before the time agreed upon for the provision of the health service or fails to appear at the place of performance of the contract by the time agreed for the provision of the service, the provider of the health service will have the right to charge a double visiting fee from the patient upon performance of the next contract for the health service (subsection 70 (6) of the Health Insurance Act).

If you require dental care outside the hours listed, please contact Tallinna Hambapolikliinik for EHIF covered services at Toompuiestee 4B, Tallinn, or by phone 612 1200.

The requirements for maintaining waiting lists for patients covered by health insurance are available at the clinic.

If you have any complaints about the availability of treatments or suggestions, please contact:

  • Estonian Health Insurance Fund, phone 669 6630 or 16363,
  • Health Board, phone 694 3500,

You can find more information on the website of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund.

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