Denture care

Getting used to new dentures

Getting used to new dentures may cause some issues or even pain initially. Be patient and try to keep the dentures in your mouth despite the discomfort. Your mouth will get used to the new dentures. For the first two weeks, only remove your dentures for cleaning and wear them at night as well. Later on, it is recommended to take the dentures out overnight.

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Dental implant and tooth extraction aftercare


You may experience some weakness for the first few hours after implantation or another surgical procedure. Please avoid exercising and going to the sauna for at least a few days after the procedure to avoid bleeding. Do not touch the wound with your fingers, tongue or any other object. You should also avoid any sucking motion. You should not use any kind of drops, powders or tablets to treat the wound, as they may cause inflammation.

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Teeth whitening aftercare

For the first two days after whitening, we advise you to follow these dietary recommendations.

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Oral hygiene

Dental and oral hygiene is a topic that is discussed in dental offices time and time again. Everyone knows about toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss and mouthwash, however, not everyone knows how to use them properly.

Yet GOOD and PROPER oral hygiene is the foundation of a beautiful and healthy smile.

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