There are various options to replace or reshape teeth with dentures:

Non-removable dentures

Dental crown

Restoration of greatly decomposed tooth involves placing a crown on top of natural tooth to strengthen it in order to improve chewing ability and endurance. Dental crown supports the existing dental tissue and reduces the risk of breaking.

We generally use ceramic materials to make crowns in our clinic by using Cerec CAD/CAM system. Read more “Ceramic crowns and fillings“.


Veneer is a thin layer of material placed over a tooth, resulting in brighter, beautiful smile.

Veneer can be applied to a tooth that has:
  • discoloration, e.g. resulting from using a particular drug
  • fissures
  • odd shape or appearance, etc.

It is often purposeful to apply veneers to several adjacent teeth, as it contributes to choosing the right colour of the veneers and produces more uniform row of teeth.

It is recommended to place veneers on teeth that have not undergone root canal treatment. Teeth with treated root canals should be crowned.

We prepare veneers in our clinic by using Cerec CAD / CAM system. Read more “Ceramic crowns and fillings“.


Bridge is a non-removable structure intended to replace a missing tooth or several teeth.

Teeth next to the missing tooth are reduced in size and crowned, and the replacement (artificial) tooth is attached to the applied crowns. If adjacent teeth are healthy, then it is better to replace the missing tooth with an implant, to which a crown is attached.

In special cases, a missing tooth can also be replaced with removable denture.

Ceramic filling or inlay/onlay

Ceramic filling or inlay/onlay is mostly lab-made ceramic filling for full restoration of the anatomy of a single tooth, which, when placed in a tooth, looks identical with the shape and colour of original tooth.
We prepare ceramic fillings in our clinic by using Cerec CAD/CAM system. Read more “Ceramic crowns and fillings“.

Cast Post

If the crown of a tooth is rather decomposed and there is not enough dental tissue left to restore it, an implant is inserted to the root canal before placing artificial crown. The implant has to fix and support the crown. Implant can be made of metal, ceramics or fibre material.

Removable dentures

Plate denture

Plate denture is a plastic denture with metal clamps for better fit.

Plate denture is used as temporary solution for replacing missing teeth, but it is not intended for extended use, because it may affect the condition of existing teeth and gums. Due to constant movement, the denture clamp surrounding natural tooth damages dental tissue. Plate denture requires regular visits to dentist to check its condition.

During 3-5 years your mouth naturally changes, which affects the fit of the denture and a new denture should be made.

Bugel denture

Bugel denture is a denture with metal framework and plastic basis, attached to the existing teeth by means of metal clamps.
Metal framework makes the denture durable, and Bugel denture is smaller, thinner and more convenient to use than plate denture.

Bugel denture is used in cases where bridge or implant are not applicable.

Complete denture

Complete denture is the solution used in case of losing all teeth. Modern materials and technology allow making durable and good-looking dentures.

Combined dentures

Combined denture combines the properties of both removable and non-removable dentures. Its structure ensures better fit of the removable part.

Combined dentures allow various solutions:
  1. Fixed partial denture
    Patient’s existing teeth are crowned and attachments are applied to the crowns. Removable dentures are equipped with retainers used to snap the removable part on crowns. Patients usually find this solution very convenient to use.
  2. Telescopic crowns
    In this solution, the crowns on the removable dentures are placed on top of the smaller crowns on natural teeth.
  3. Denture with root post
    Treated root canal will be equipped with implant or root post, to which removable denture is then attached.
  4. Denture attached to implants
    Complete denture attached to implants is excellent solution if the patient has lost all teeth. Selection includes removable and non-removable complete denture.


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