I just want to thank you for the great experience I had this morning. A few highlights:

  • All staff spoke perfect English.
  • I did not have to wait long.
  • The environment was clean and peaceful.
  • Doctor and his dental assistant were phenomenal. Both absolute experts and very professional.
  • All work completed in less than 30 minutes.
  • Almost half of the price I expected.

The results speak for themselves. It’s like I have a new smile :)Thank you once again for a great experience!

I received expensive treatment in Finland, the end result of which was not as expected and thus I still needed surgery. I first learned about the activities of Lumen Dental Clinic when I visited the spa. I was impressed by the modern technology they use and how fast they promised to solve the problem. The end result was exactly what I wanted. One time, they replaced six crowns in one day – I went there in the morning and left in the afternoon and all my problems were solved. The treatment cost only a quarter of the price in Finland but the result was high quality.

I am so happy that my “tooth journey” has come to a wonderful conclusion.

I do not know if I would have even embarked on this smile journey if I had not broken one of my front teeth as a result of a fall at the age of 10. I had beautiful, straight teeth before the accident. In that way, my tooth journey began a long time ago, and like with every journey, there were good times and bad times. When, after years of trouble, temporary fixes and waiting to become of age, I finally got veneers on my two front teeth, I was very pleased with the result and, for a long time, there was peace on Earth, so I forgot all about it.

But then at one point, their time had come and I needed a new solution. I found out that the only possible option was crowns. Even though I consulted with professionals, I was intimidated by the fact that they recommended crowns on not just two but four or six teeth. The price was steep so I chose the cheaper place, cheaper crowns and only those two crowns. I was not happy with the result, but it was even more difficult and expensive to change something after the fact, so I lived with them for 6 years. They did not look like my natural teeth, they were slightly uncomfortable, did not match the shade exactly and just generally did not feel “my own”. But people get used to anything.

Luckily, a new opportunity arose. Life put Lumen Dental Clinic in my path and they touched my soul with their care. There are no coincidences. I am lucky I found my way to Lumen. Professionalism, excellence and dedication – these, and something special that I cannot quite put into words, were present at every step of the way.

I am very pleased with my new teeth. I am in awe of all the developments in the world and what humans are capable of. Especially when advanced technology, the excellence and experience of doctors, the passion to learn and develop, commitment and responsibility combine.

I am sincerely grateful to everyone at Lumen. Even though the procedure was long and often very challenging – hours-long procedures involving dozens of anaesthetic injections – I trusted them completely
and knew that I was in good hands.

The confidence, reliability and excellence of the doctors is just amazing. The dedication and talent of the technicians is admirable! Not to mention the care and professionalism of the assistants! Every step of the way they provided support, advice and were available when needed.

When I look in the mirror, I see teeth that are my own. I know I have crowns but I do not feel them because they have become a part of me. I feel like I smile more, just like I did when I was a child, before the fall 🙂
And of course, they are very beautiful.

I am happy and grateful that I decided to gift this to myself. This whole journey is deeper and more spiritual than I can put into words. I believe this is one part of my soul lesson.

I am very pleased with the result – it exceeded all my expectations!

Thank you!

I want to thank all your professional and extremely lovely staff members.
I am very happy with my new smile.
All the best,

Lumen is almost like a strategic partner for my teeth. I am a very long-term client of Lumen, so I have seen and experienced all of its stages of development. Over the last few years, on several occasions, instead of just letting them “repair” my tooth or place a new filling, I have consciously decided in favour of a more dramatic and definitely a more beautiful solution – full dental crowns.

The first time was a little bit scary – how can I let them shave down my tooth, it is my tooth after all. However, this feeling will be gone as soon as you leave with a new and much more beautiful tooth. In a way, especially for ladies, it is similar to the decision to dye your hair – a natural tone is natural, but does it outweigh looking more attractive and feeling better about yourself? I don’t think so.

In addition, the fact that everything is done in one day is very convenient. Last time I scheduled an appointment early in the morning, then I went shopping and when I came back my new tooth was ready.

I also have to say that whenever I go there, I already feel at home and I know that every time I will get the best possible solution for me because they thoroughly discuss every option with me, explain the whole procedure in detail, including all the possible complications that may arise and the outlook. There I feel like I am more than just another patient whose problems need to be solved quickly, instead they involve me in the decisions that will continue to affect my health. That feels good.

A piece broke off my old dental crown. It was necessary to replace the old crown with a new one. The doctors of Lumen Dental Clinic recommended a new type of ceramic crown. It was supposed to be long-lasting and very similar to natural teeth.
The crown was prepared on the same day during one visit. Everything was done in one day. At one-hour intervals there were three appointments – the removal of the old crown, measurements for the new crown and the placement of the new crown. The placement of such crowns does not require anaesthetic injections or temporary crowns. The whole process was very precise and fast.

The doctors and the rest of the staff were very pleasant.
Thank you!

Very relaxing environment. The service is excellent and, when necessary, I always visit this dental clinic. Also worth mentioning are the amazing employees who excel at their job, the results of which are of high quality. I recommend them to everyone!

Excellent, professional and high-quality service. I go back time and time again because in this cosy clinic I feel no fear – on the contrary, I feel relaxed 🙂

Dental clinic with excellent service. They always find beneficial and essential solutions to the problems. The employees are pleasant and have good communication skills 🙂

The only dental clinic I am willing to go to because generally I am afraid of the dentist. Excellent service and professionalism!

Lumen Hambakliinik replaced six veneers on my front teeth because my existing veneers had reached end of life. I chose Lumen for the work because they provided well thought out feedback on my case when responding to my inquiries. Once I arrived, the work was completed according to the proposed timeline and cost. The staff and their talented dentist, Grethen Kuusik, completed the work with integrity and great precision. The quality and workmanship exceeded the standards that I am accustomed to in the USA. Including travel, I saved about half the cost of having the work done locally, had a nice vacation in Estonia and Finland, and came away with superior results.