Dental care

Dental care IN GENERAL firstly includes providing consultation to patients with various concerns. In most cases, this is where the treatment process begins.

Diagnostic possibilities in our clinic:
3D X-ray, intraoral X-ray, microscope magnification, oral camera images, digital models made with a mouth scanner, photos of the smile – provide a more accurate overview of the problem and more reliable information. By analysing the information obtained about the condition of the patient’s mouth, we can prepare a dental care plan and, if desired, a care budget.

Patients’ daily oral hygiene is very important, which should be adhered to at all times. Good oral hygiene habits acquired at home will serve us for the rest of our lives.
Unfortunately, our daily work still includes fighting gum disease, which is caused by poor oral hygiene. Tartar or plaque on the surface of the tooth and in the gum pockets can cause not only gingivitis but also lead to tooth loss.

Teeth whitening helps lighten the natural tooth colour. It is primarily an aesthetic procedure that can only be performed with healthy teeth and good oral hygiene.

Today’s dental care process is highly technology-based and requires specialists to continuously learn and keep up to date with innovations. Often, the procedures for treating teeth are time-consuming, which is why the patient’s ability to be calm and cooperate is very important. This especially concerns root canal treatment, oral surgery procedures and prosthetics. However, this cooperation will lead to results to be grateful for.

Dental care also includes a slightly sadder side – tooth extraction. Fortunately, at our clinic, we have the opportunity to replace missing teeth with implants, which will have to ossify for some time and will then be finally crowned. The procedure enables the patient to eat freely and smile again.

Dental care in a more NARROW sense means the treatment of damage caused by dental cavities, where microbes have broken down the tooth tissues mainly in the tooth enamel or dentin. Treatment depends on the size of the damage and its location on the tooth surface. All damaged tissue must be removed and the tooth filled with a filling. For this purpose, we use only high-quality filling materials in the clinic and we do it with instruments that are properly sterilized for each appointment. During the procedure, if necessary, we isolate the treated tooth with a rubber-like isolation material (rubber-dam), which protects the treated area from saliva and other liquids. All this is done to ensure high quality outcome.

Restoring the chewing function of the teeth and creating an aesthetic appearance are equally important in dentistry.

New and innovative options have been added to today’s treatment methods. The best solution for restoring an extensively damaged tooth is ceramic fillings – inlay or onlay. Read more Ceramic crowns and fillings .

Dental care is an interdisciplinary medical service, the success of which is the main wish and joint effort of the entire clinic team. We invite all patients to visit their dentist at least twice a year, then you can be sure of your good and long-term oral health. There is a nice and true saying: “The mouth is the reflection of the body”.

In Estonia, all insured adult patients are entitled to dental care benefit of 60 euros per year. In our clinic, it is possible to use both the dental care benefit and the dentures benefit provided by Health Insurance Fund.

Dental care for children up to 19 years of age is fully paid for by the Health Insurance Fund in our clinic.

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