Soda Blasting

Soda blasting is a process to remove dental plaque and pigment, polishing of teeth, blasting of dental surfaces and periodontal pockets.

Discolouring caused by consumption of nicotine, tea and coffee can be removed from the enamel using airpolishers such as AIR-N-GO.

Airpolisher benefit from streaming a mixture of water and air coupled with a very gentle polishing powder for superior cleaning. The rounded structure combined with very small granule size of the powder, which is composed of sodium bicarbonate, helps protect the dental enamel and provides sensitive and effective cleaning.

The stream reaches even the hidden parts of the tooth like the gaps between single teeth and deep gingival pockets. Subgingival treatments can be performed with an extra-gentle glycine based powder.

The final polishing provides uniformity to the appearance of your teeth. Their original shine is renewed and protected better from bacteria and new dental plaques. Minerals are being held back better within the enamel by using fluoride and thereby provides long-term protection against caries and periodontitis.

Prophylaxis provided on a regular bases of several sittings a year is recommended to complement your domestic oral hygiene routine.

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