Soda blasting

A soda blasting or pearl wash refers to the removal of dental plaque and pigment, teeth polishing, and the treatment of dental surfaces and periodontal pockets with an air polisher.

AIR-N-GO air polisher can be used to remove the discolouration caused by nicotine, tea, coffee, red wine and other teeth-staining foods.

Air polishers employ a mixture of air, water and fine powder particles to thoroughly clean dental surfaces and periodontal pockets. The sodium bicarbonate-based powder is composed of ultra-fine rounded particles that do not damage the enamel and clean all treated surfaces gently and effectively.

With an air polisher, it is possible to reach even the most hard-to-reach places in between teeth and periodontal pockets. For sub-gingival treatments, a special and very gentle glycine-based fine powder is used.

A soda blasting will give you back your beautiful smile. Your teeth will be evenly bright. Their natural shine is restored and your teeth are better protected against bacteria and dental plaque. This provides long-term protection against caries and periodontitis.

The soda blasting treatment should be done regularly around a couple of times per year. It is a necessary addition to your daily oral hygiene routine.

See also “Smile packages”.

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