We provide following surgical services:

Tooth removal

Most common causes for tooth removal include:
    • extensive caries and subsequent inflammations that do not respond to treatment
    • advanced gum diseases
    • incorrect tooth position
    • wisdom tooth, which cannot fit in mouth after incision or is damaged and impractical to repair
    • broken dental root or crown.

Before tooth removal, local anaesthetic is injected and thus the removal of non-inflammatory tooth is usually painless.

After tooth removal

After removing the tooth, there occurs a blood clot, which protects the wound. Wound will soon develop whitish fibrin layer, which turns into connective tissue over time. Wound will heal within 5-10 days, but final recovery may take several months.

It is not recommended to eat or drink for a few hours after tooth removal. Do not smoke. Be careful not to damage the clot that has developed in the dental socket when brushing teeth. Starting from the day after tooth removal, it is recommended to rinse your mouth with chlorhexidine solution for a week. The solution is available at our clinic or in pharmacies. Your may also use light saline for rinsing.

If the wound hurts during a few days after tooth removal, return to the clinic. The doctor will cleanse the wound if necessary and prescribe anti-inflammatory treatment.

Soft tissue surgeries with laser

Laser allows shaping gums, visually elongating the dental crown. It also enables treatment or removal of gingival enlargement and minor fascial enlargement.

Laser has antimicrobial effect and it enhances cellular resistance.

Laser allows shaping the gingival sulcus before making the cast required for denture work. Laser is essential for releasing the wisdom tooth partially stuck in gum.

We use LaserSmile 810 nm diode laser.


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