Treatment with microscope

“If you cannot see it, it does not exist” – this saying is highly appropriate when it comes to dentistry.

In modern dentistry, the microscope is an essential tool for examination and diagnostics. We use the microscope in the treatment of root canals and caries, and during prosthetic and surgical procedures. It is also necessary in situations where what can be seen with the naked eye raises questions, thus to get the best answers a microscope needs be used. With a microscope we can examine all the cracks and crevices and see all the details.

For example, root canal treatment is especially difficult and time-consuming in the case of back molar teeth which have multiple roots. The microscope enlarges the targeted area and provides ample light. Root canal treatment under microscope allows us to notice and handle even the smallest details.

Microscopic dentistry enables us to create a higher-quality result in terms of accuracy, clarity and certainty in making treatment decisions.

The fast pace of life forces us to make haste. We want everything to be immediate and quick. However, rushing is out of the question when working with a microscope, but as it ensures better quality of the work process, we eventually still win – especially in terms of time and cost of the treatment.
This perfectly captures the essence of the saying ”make haste slowly”.
Most importantly, the lifespan of the treated tooth increases.
The outcome of the work will bring greater joy as well!

The microscope is connected to the imaging and video equipment which allows us to record the work process and explain it later on.
Often, no words are needed because the picture speaks for itself.

We use CJ-Optic ja Labomed microscopes.

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