One day dentistry

Lumen Dental Clinic has had digital dental care experience since 2013 – we were among the first in Estonia in this field.

The use of Cerec CAD/CAM technology to fabricate crowns and bridges has changed the nature of our daily work.

Since from the end of 2021 we use Cerec Primescan intraoral scanner that replaced previous generation scanner Cerec Omnicam.

In 2012-2016 we used Cerec Bluecam technology, however in this case, the head of the intraoral camera was relatively big and the area in the mouth needed to be covered with a special powder to obtain the desired digital model image on the screen.

To make the procedure more convenient for both the patient and the doctor, and to make use of all software upgrades, we replaced Cerec Bluecam with Cerec Omnicam technology in 2016. The Cerec Omnicam camera head was conveniently small and the image of the digital model on the screen was in natural colours – and there was no need to cover the patient’s teeth in powder.

The restoration of a decayed tooth with a crown, the replacement of a missing tooth with a bridge or an aesthetic makeover of front teeth in just one day.

Speed, comfort and accuracy – these are the advantages of Cerec CAD/CAM technology.

Crowns, bridges and veneers are prepared on-site at the clinic, and upon request, it is possible to see the modelling and milling process.

We start by preparing the tooth: shaving it and, if necessary, building up the core which will support the dental crown.

A virtual model of the new crown, veneer, ceramic filling or dental bridge is created based on the images scanned with a digital camera, the milling machine will then mill it out of a ceramic block.

A beautiful, accurate and quick result – a new tooth – is ready only a few hours after the start of the appointment.

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