As a team

  • We are professional and valuable guides – together we create value that is worth sharing and preserving.
  • We respect our time together and listen to and support your wishes.
  • We will try to solve your problems QUICKLY, PAINLESSLY AND COMPLETELY!
  • In our communication we value clarity, accuracy and concreteness.
  • In the process we value speed, quality and advanced technology. In our thinking we value innovation.
  • We love our specialty, we want to learn and improve.
  • We are always evolving – hard work, curiosity, technique, knowledge and experience create the opportunities for that.

As a service provider

  • We value high-quality dental service that meets modern standards and the existence of internal processes in the clinic.
  • We welcome everyone – from small children to pensioners.
  • During the consultation we will discuss with you the problems present in your mouth or potential problems that may arise.
  • We offer and explain possible treatment solutions.
  • We approach problems and treatment solutions in a complex way.
  • We put a lot of emphasis on all the digital diagnostics, analysis, treatment and planning options available at the clinic – that way it is easier for the team to make treatment decisions.
  • We restore prosthetic dental restorations with ceramic materials that we fabricate in the laboratory of our clinic, using the fast and accurate Cerec CAD/CAM digital technology.
  • If necessary, we remove non-functioning teeth.
  • We replace missing teeth with implants or other prosthetic solutions.
  • We carry out many procedures with a microscope.
  • We pay great attention to raising the awareness of oral hygiene.
  • We can speak many languages.
  • We are contractual partners of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund. This includes the following: children’s dental care, dental care benefit for adults and denture benefit for adults.
  • We are long-term cooperation partners with SVEA Finance who offers hire purchase so that you do not have to compromise on your smile due to financial reasons. The service is fast and reliable.
  • In the case of pre-booking, we also offer dental treatment on Saturdays.
  • We answer phone calls every day of the week and e-mails promptly.
  • We will do our best to find a suitable appointment time for you.
  • To schedule an appointment, you can use online booking or registration by phone or e-mail. You can also use a smartphone app for booking.

The NEW REALITY with Covid-19 has brought about a new kind of need for the protection of our staff and patients.

ALL rooms are equipped with air cleaning devices that work during the entire appointment time. We use personal protective equipment and are very diligent and precise when it comes to sterilisation and cleaning processes.
Waiting in waiting rooms is safe and the number of people is limited.