Root Treatment

Endodontic therapy or root canal therapy is indicated if the nerves and blood vessels in the root canal are damaged. This may occur due to bacterial activity or because of a trauma. In that case, special equipment is used to clean the root canal from microbes, canals are widened, processed with canal files and medicaments, and then filled with anti-inflammatory medicament and temporary filling. Depending on the nature of the root canal inflammation, the number of required treatment stages is one to five.

Root canal therapy is complicated and time-consuming. Especially in case of rear teeth with multiple roots or curved root canals.

Treated tooth may be sore at the beginning of the treatment period and the inflammation may even aggravate at first. Treating already chronical inflammation takes a while, because regeneration of healthy bone cells in the root apex area is a long-term process.

In order to ensure successful root canal therapy, it is necessary to take several radiographs. It is often after six months to a year later that we can tell whether the therapy was successful or not.

If there is no infection in the root canal, it can be filled with root filling. We use innovative canal hot obturation technology SybronEndo to fill of a root canal completely and densely with a hermetic sealing agent.

Tooth crown is recommended to be restored by using a crown. Read more “Ceramic crowns and fillings“.


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