Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is required when the nerves and blood vessels in the root canal are damaged. This could happen as a result of bacteria or trauma. In that case, a special technique is used to render the root canals microbe-free, after which the canals are expanded, processed with canal files and medications, and an anti-inflammatory medication is placed in the root canal before a temporary filling is used to seal the tooth. Depending on the nature of the inflammation, up to five treatment stages might be necessary.

Root canal treatment is a complex and time-consuming process. That is especially true in the case of back molar teeth which have multiple roots and curved root canals. Root canal treatment under microscope allows us to pay attention to even the smallest details.

The tooth may be tender during the treatment period and the inflammation may even worsen at first. The treatment of chronic inflammation is more time-consuming because the regeneration of healthy bone tissue at the root apex takes time.

It is necessary to take numerous radiographs to ensure the success of the root canal treatment. It will often take about 6–12 months until we can determine whether the treatment was successful or not.

If there is no infection in the root canal, it can be filled with root filling. We use the innovative SybronEndo warm obturation technique to make root fillings which ensures a high-quality result.

We recommend restoring the crown of the tooth with a crown. For more information, read the article “Ceramic crowns and fillings”.


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