Notification regarding the dental care benefit for adults

We ask for your understanding in regard to the fact that Lumen Dental Clinic does not consider it possible to enter into the agreement with the Estonian Health Insurance Fund (EHIF) for the provision of dental care for adults which will come into force on 1 July 2017, and according to which the dental clinic must provide the services to be compensated for at the maximum prices set by the EHIF.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to provide a high-quality and professional service at the maximum prices established by the EHIF.

We also rely on the position of the Estonian Dental Association (EDA) that the maximum prices established by the EHIF do not cover the actual costs associated with the provision of dental care services and do not enable the following:

  • the provision of high-quality treatment services using modern methods (sterility, disposable products, quality and long-lasting materials, modern dental equipment, modern diagnostic equipment, etc.);
  • the establishment of treatment facilities and clinics;
  • sustainable economic activity – in our case, the provision of dental care service;
  • the provision of reliable and quality service with professional and competent staff receiving continuous training.

Like all dental clinics established in the Republic of Estonia currently, Lumen Dental Clinic is a clinic established on private capital.

NB!   Dear all, you are always very welcome and we promise to treat you with the same care and dedication as we always have.  We are always here for you, whenever you need us. We appreciate your confidence in Lumen Dental Clinic.

We perform treatment according to the price list of the clinic.

However, we confirm that for the time being, dental care for children under the age of 19 will continue without change at Lumen Dental Clinic.
The existing procedure for the use of denture benefit for pensioners remains the same until 31 December 2017. However, the EHIF’s maximum prices for prosthetic services which will be established as of 1 January 2018 will terminate the well-functioning denture benefit system.
Read more on the website of EDA “Dental care benefit is a failed election promise”.

Patients seeking information about the Estonian Health Insurance Fund’s contractual partners in the provision of dental care to adults can contact the EHIF by customer telephone 669 6630 or information line 16363, e-mail, by mail Lastekodu 48, Tallinn, 10144 or by visiting a customer service office of the EHIF.