Work organisation during the outbreak of coronavirus (22.03.2020)

Our clinic will keep providing urgent care until further notice.

Due to the emergency situation, we have implemented additional safety measures at the clinic:

  • Before the appointment, we will send the patient an e-mail with a special survey which we kindly ask you to answer by e-mail. All paperwork in the waiting room is kept to a minimum.
  • All calls (601 1812 and 5341 6072) and e-mails ( are answered by our employee who is working from home.
  • If necessary, the manager of our clinic, Dr. Merike Immato will call you and figure out the nature of your problem for first aid.
  • We have created a so-called patient’s path that leads you from the clinic door to the treatment room door.
  • After each patient, we disinfect all possible contact surfaces, treatment chairs, cabinets, ventilate the clinic rooms, and use a UV cleaning device to clean the air, etc.
  • We have sterilised instruments, sterilised contra-angle handpieces and trays for each patient.
  • Before the start of the procedure, the patient rinses their mouth with a chlorhexidine mouthwash.
  • We protect the clinic team with appropriate equipment and each patient who comes to our clinic with necessary disinfectants.
  • There is no waiting for an appointment in the waiting room. You can wait in the corridor where there is minimal movement or in your car in the clinic car park in front of the building, and the staff will call you to invite you in.
  • If necessary, you can ring the clinic doorbell.
  • We recommend using the stairs instead of the lift. Avoid touching handrails. When you enter the second floor corridor door, there is a possibility to disinfect your hands. Use it.
  • To enter the clinic, an employee will invite you in.
  • When you enter the clinic, please disinfect your hands with the disinfectant.
  • In the waiting room, there will be a clothes hanger and plastic overshoes for you to use.
  • For each patient, the card payment terminal is disinfected and covered with single-use film.
  • If possible, please enter the clinic premises unaccompanied (except child patients). Meanwhile, your escort can walk in the beautiful Laidoner park. We will call them when the appointment is over.
  • After each appointment, we have reserved at least 20 minutes for disinfection.
  • If you experience any symptoms, have travelled to a high-risk area or have been in contact with a virus carrier, please notify us and we will schedule a new appointment.

Let’s take care of each other 