Teeth whitening aftercare

For the first two days after whitening, we advise you to follow these dietary recommendations.


Products that are allowed Products to avoid
Dairy products Milk, kefir, buttermilk, plain yoghurt, quark, cheese, sour cream, butter. Products with fruit or berry additives or with other natural or artificial colourants, such as sweetened yoghurts, quark desserts, curd snacks.
Meat products Lightly cooked meat. Sausages, semi-prepared products, canned products or smoked meat.
Fish products All fish except salmon, trout and tuna. Dried, smoked or fried fish, semi-prepared fish products, canned fish.
Eggs Egg whites. Egg yolk.
Vegetarian products White polished rice, bread without seeds, nuts and grains. Boiled white potatoes, white cabbage, cauliflower. All other grain products.
All other vegetables.
All fruit, berries, juices, drinks and jams.
Other products Products containing natural or artificial colourants. Tea, coffee, cocoa, fizzy drinks, chocolate. All kinds of spices, instant soups, sauces, bouillon cubes, margarine, vegetable oil, wine, liqueur, beer, cognac, brandy. Products containing natural or artificial colourants (E100–E180).


Oral care products

 Whitening toothpaste The Professional Whitening Toothpaste with Silver Particles by WhiteWash Laboratories is a wonderful product for daily oral care. The toothpaste contains 99.9% pure silver particles which leave your mouth feeling amazingly clean and refreshed. Special micro-polishers polish the surface of the teeth and help restore them to their natural whiteness. The toothpaste contains aloe vera, green tea and grapefruit extract and Vitamin E.


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