VITA Easyshade V shade-matching device

Lumen Dental Clinic introduced the VITA Easyshade V digital shade-matching device for more accurate tooth shade determination.

Tooth colour determination is very subjective. How we perceive colour depends on several factors:

  • whether we are looking at the tooth in daylight or artificial light;
  • what the colour temperature of the light source is;
  • from which direction the light is coming from;
  • what the colour of the surrounding room and objects is;
  • how the observer perceives colour;
  • and numerous other factors.

Electronic shade-matching devices always determine the colour in the same way.

VITA Easyshade is an essential tool for determining the right tooth shade and brightness, regardless of the surrounding environment. When using crowns or veneers to cover teeth, it is important that they look natural and fit in with adjacent teeth.

VITA Easyshade V also allows us to compare how many VITA Bleachedguide 3D-MASTER shade levels lighter the teeth became after a whitening procedure.

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