VITA ceramic materials training

In mid-September, one of the leading manufacturers of ceramic materials for dental crowns VITA Zahnfabrik, offered a training opportunity.
Kalle Immato, the development manager and dental technician of Lumen Dental Clinic participated in the training.
Three days of intensive and extensive lectures, practical training, and learning about the production of ceramic materials right at the VITA factory in the picturesque small town of Bad Säckingen.

The training was conducted by VITA trainers. Vanik Kaufmann-Jinoian (pictured), one of Europe’s most renowned dental technicians from Switzerland, the opinion leader in the field and owner of the dental laboratory Cera-Tech AG, and Swiss dentist Dr. Alessandro Devigus, who has 25 years of experience with the Cerec CAD/CAM system and who has performed a total of about 25,000 ceramic Cerec dental restorations, also shared their experiences.

The raw material of VITA ceramic blocks is feldspar, the processing of which takes weeks. The rocks are first washed and crushed, then ground to a powder. The powder is pressed into blocks and burned in an oven at very high temperature. After cooling, the blocks are crushed and ground again. This process is repeated three times. It is only then that the material has acquired the physical properties suitable for dental crowns. After the last burning, every block has to go through quality control during which conformity of the colour with the standard is checked. The whole process involves a lot of manual work before the ceramic block for the CAD/CAM system is ready and from which we mill the dental crown.

Some extravagant fashionistas have even used dental crowns to make jewellery and decorate women’s shoes. Why not?