We are looking for a dentist to join our team
  • If you are curious, you will have a good time with us.
  • The working environment is relaxing and you can do the work that fills you with joy.
  • Possibility to treat both adults and children, perform root canal treatment with or without a microscope, to carry out surgical and prosthodontic procedures.
  • It is good if you are interested in CAD/CAM and digital technology innovations and processes.
  • We offer increasing opportunities for DSD (Digital Smile Design) and lots of other exciting things that we can create in the clinic.
  • We have 8 years of digital dentistry knowledge and experience. That is how long we have been committed to this area and by now we can orient quite well and know which way to go.
  • We have made lots of preparations and participated in inspiring training opportunities to be attractive to foreign patients and to maintain the good reputation of Estonian dental care.
If you work with us:
  • You will enjoy coming to work every day, driving along the seafront or walking in the natural environment.
  • You will have opportunities for growth as a doctor, to exchange ideas with colleagues, to have private conversations with patients.
  • You can learn how to handle advanced technology which will allow you to create excellent results.
  • You will be part of a fun and supportive team which, on the one hand, is development and innovation oriented, but on the other, strives for balance and rationality.
  • You will have a pleasant working environment – beautiful, open, amazing views to Laidoner Park.
  • Our patients speak Estonian, Russian, Finnish, Swedish, German, English, Chinese, Norwegian, Japanese and many other languages. What often helps us communicate, though, is the common language of smiles.
  • You will receive help and support in determining treatment solutions.
  • You will be able to enjoy all the sporting opportunities that Viimsi has to offer.
  • We are a community clinic, we refer to ourselves as:  ” “Your dental clinic in Viimsi”.
  • You will have every opportunity to DO GOOD WORK and FEEL AMAZING.
We offer:
  • Competitive salary based on your professional skills, performance and personal characteristics.
  • A motivating salary system.
  • Training and personal development opportunities.
  • State-of-the-art instruments and diagnostic equipment.
  • Commute compensation for persons living farther away and accommodation, if necessary
  • A very image of a company that has been operational for more than a quarter of a century, which is that of a pleasantly small and cosy but at the same time a very innovative and technology-oriented clinic.

To apply, send your CV to
The manager of the clinic, Merike Immato (phone 507 3564) will reply to you.