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I-PRF is a new method for skin regeneration. In comparison to the currently used PRP (platelet-rich plasma), I-PRF contains blood cells – platelets, leukocytes, lymphocytes, monocytes and neutrophils – that are concentrated on the fibrin matrix. After injection, the mixture has a gel-like consistency. The process ensures a long-term tissue regeneration without the adverse reactions.

The I-PRF procedure is indicated for biostimulation and skin regeneration in order to stimulate and promote healing of scars, recovery of skin and prevention of ageing.

Latest studies indicate that such fibrin matrix gradually releases growth factors into blood cells as well as stimulates collagen synthesis and blood circulation for two weeks after the procedure. As a result, your skin is left more elastic and its tone and youthful complexion are restored for an extended period of time.

Description of the procedure:

Before undergoing the procedure, dr. Reino advises you to make sure your blood test results (haematocrit, cholesterol) are within the norm and pay special attention to the level of vitamin D.
This ensures the procedure can be conducted successfully.

Before the treatment starts, venous blood is collected in sterile glass vacuum flasks included in the I-PRF set – this is the only inconvenience the procedure includes.

The flasks are then placed in a centrifuge and the centrifugation process is conducted with a specific programme that separates blood info fractions, thus creating a growth factor-rich I-PRF.

The I-PRF is then injected into the wrinkled area with disturbed blood flow.

I-PRF injections are a modern, effective and reliable method that have a restoring and cell regenerating effect on the skin.

The first changes can be seen in a few weeks after the procedure with full results being visible in about 2 months. In order to achieve a more lasting result, we advise repeating the treatment every 2 to 4 weeks for 3 times in total.


  • Safe – the injected material is made of the patient’s own blood
  • A modern and safe procedure that excludes the risk of allergies and infections as it includes the blood’s own cells (platelets)
  • Minimal discomfort during the procedure as the used nano-needles cause practically no pain
  • The separation of platelets’ growth factor stimulates collagen production
  • Does not include fibrin of animal origin or chemical substances
  • Stimulates the recovery, blood circulation and restoration of cells. The method is thus also used in joint therapy, orthopaedics, dental surgery, mesotherapeutic procedures and stimulating hair growth
  • Lasting and predictable results
  • Can be safely used around the eyes

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