Come work with us

LUMEN DENTAL CLINIC, which has been operating for 28 years, welcomes hard-working and ambitious dentists to CREATE VALUE together.
We are looking for new people who put their heart into their work.

The thoughts of MERIKE IMMATO, the founder of LUMEN, on values and being a doctor

“As a manager and owner my motto is to be open-minded and to keep learning and developing both as a person and as a doctor. I do my best to encourage this at the clinic as well.

A good doctor has a special kind of determination, patience, a sense of reality and a need to give. They have a spark in their eye and know that life-long learning is important to keep gaining knowledge – both professional and everyday. It is important to learn the wisdom of how to make choices or what aim is necessary to keep improving. A lot of practise goes into becoming a meticulous “craftsman” – a dentist. You need to be passionate about your specialty.

It is nice to feel like we belong somewhere. Here in Viimsi, Lumen Dental Clinic is a part of the community. Patients smile on the street, doctors, for example, acknowledge you at school meetings or community events. We are the people of Viimsi. We are loved. That is how we feel.

That is largely the reason why we want to be EXCELLENT doctors and provide EXCELLENT service. We want to be a solid partner to those in need.

We should CREATE VALUE in our lives.
Everyone interprets this differently but it is important that they do it.”